A.2. Food Safety, Quality Policies and Procedures
Facility has thorough food safety and quality procedures such as; SSOPs, GMPs, HACCP, document and records, management of change, glass policy, allergens, recall, and numerous others.
A. 3. Specific Training Goals and Programs for Management and Operating Personnel
Employees and managers all are involved in the same training program. Facility has identified training needs for all employees and has developed documented training programs to meet those needs with comprehension testing. Training is conducted at least quarterly if not more often. Documentation was checked and was complete and current.
A. 4. Comprehensive Recall Plan and Procedures
The facility has a detailed recall program and mock recall program. The program includes a thorough procedure for recall and all types of mock recalls. The program contains all required features. The mock recall program requires mock recalls in their developed seven different recall scenarios. Each scenario has a set of standards that must be met. A thorough recap of each recall is done. A mock recall was conducted on June 8th 2004 for 215 cases of product produced on 5/20/04. All product was identified within 2 hours. A second recall was done on 6/10/04 for shallots used in 2 products. The recall identified 100.4% within 2 hours.
A. 8. Management Awareness and Commitment to Food Safety and Quality
Facility demonstrates its commitment to food safety and quality through the condition of the facility, the extensive quality programs, and quality staffing.
D. 4. Verification of Cleaning Effectiveness

The facility uses ATP testing to verify cleaning effectiveness. ATP system was
validated with matching swab testing. The facility also does environmental
testing to verify cleaning effectiveness. The program also
includes occasional contact area testing and may even extend
to finished product if necessary.

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