Kathy Ware is the Vice President of Research and Development and Quality Assurance at Two Chefs On A Roll, Inc. Kathy joined TCOR in February 2004, and has focused her efforts on developing a best in class R&D team that balances culinary creativity with technical expertise. Since joining TCOR, she has increased the new product launch rate, strengthened the departments systems, and continued the spirit of creativity that is an integral part of TCOR’s products.

Kathy is a food industry professional and senior manager with diverse leadership experience in the foodservice, retail and custom ingredient segments of the industry. She has experience in product development, organizational and business development, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining TCOR, Kathy was the Vice President, International Chain Account Development for Unilever Foodsolutions where she was responsible for developing the global ICA foodservice business. Prior positions include Sr.Vice President Technology (R&D and Quality Assurance) for International Food Solutions and Case Swayne, and Technical Management for Bunge Foods.

Kathy received her degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley. She was a four-year member in The Executive Committee’s (TEC) development program for key executives. Kathy is active in IFT and is currently the Chair of their Foodservice Division.

Kathy is a foodie who enjoys traveling, growing her own food, creating new recipes, and exploring world cuisine. She lives in Tustin, California with her husband Bob.

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